Gentrend Group is a corporation group consisting diverse brands in the spectrum of fashion, retail, marketing and entertainment. Our brands include PRIVÉ ALLIANCE, a streetwear label independently owned and produced by the corporation highly influenced by the hip-hop culture and holds a unique concept of artists collaboration in all collections. ACROSTICS is a multi-brand retailer based in Los Angeles which carries international labels that are in full spectrum of luxury-streetwear categories. LINED is a full service creative and marketing agency that pursues an exceptional connection in the industry of fashion, arts, and culture, and produces a bi-annual fashion book. And OVERPASS is a music festival hosted in South California that aims to bring together artists from different sides of the globe with similar genre of Hip-hop, R&B and Soul music.

The company’s goal is to continue to extend the global reach of our brands while ensuring that they maintain their independence and exclusive DNA.

Gentrend Group is a registered Federal Incorporation in the USA, Canada and Asia operating as Gentrend Group Inc., Gentrend Group USA Inc., and Gentrend Group PH Inc.

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